• 2006

    S. Sudjojono Center

    With the increasing demands and interests from the public and art enthusiasts for information, data, research, and history of Sudjojono, the museum then institutionalized into S. Sudjojono Center in 2006.

  • 1989

    Museum S. Sudjojono

    Three years after Sudjojono passed away in 1986, Sanggar Pandanwangi was converted into a space where Sudjojono’s works were exhibited and conserved. The name was changed into Museum S. Sudjojono, inaugurated by the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs at the time, Prof. Dr. Haryati Soebadio.

  • 1959

    Sanggar Pandanwangi

    After S. Sudjojono married the mezzo soprano singer, Rose Pandanwangi, their home at Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu was also used as a studio for paintings, reliefs, and sculptures. He later named it Sanggar Pandanwangi and the place became the showcase of the couple’s artistic activities.