About SSC

 Vision and Mission

1. To care and preserve the works of S. Sudjojono
2. To act as center of data and information related to S. Sudjojono and his works
3. Together with other organisations, to contribute to the development of  art in Indonesia

SSC Team and Board

Professional Members
Rose P Sudjojono
A Pandanwangi S
Maya Font – Sudjojono
G Menang Djuang Sudjojono
Wicky Rosewiaty S

SSC Collection

S. Sudjojono Center is an organization with a vision to establish a legacy of the Father of Modern Indonesian Painting, S. Sudjojono, through the comprehensive exposure of his great artworks and personal archive. Since its establishment in 2006, the organization has been conduction series of activities including art exhibition (managing and also in coordination with national and international partners), book publishing and promotions, and museum management (which is now under re-construction for better audience experience).

SSC Collection consists of selected painting by S.Sudjojono, sketches, memorabilia, personal photographs, writings, past exhibition catalogues.





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