EUROPALIA: Power and Other Things

Brussels, 2017

In collaboration with Canna Gallery (today Can’s Gallery) and supported by Centre of Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), at the Pakarti Center Building

Together with partners and other art institutions, SSC commemorated A Century of S. Sudjojono (1913-2013). It was celebrated through a series of events, exhibition, and Seabad S. Sudjojono book launching.  Sudjojono’s masterpiece, The Battle of Sultan Agung and J. P. Coen (1973), was highlighted during this event.

S. Sudjojono: Lives of Pictures

Singapore, 2014

“Seabad S. Sudjojono” book launching and exhibition with Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU)

Mas Djon: The Man Behind The Easel

Singapore, 2011

Sudjojono exhibition and memorabilia with One East Asia at Thong Teck Building